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Most cryptocurrency exchanges are open to citizens from Poland, however, only a limited amount of them offer the fiat currency most Polish investors or traders are interested in: the Polish złoty (PLN). 

The exchanges that currently do offer złoty-based trading are: BitBay, EXMO, BitMarket and Coinfloor. 

Out of these four, only BitMarket is currently headquartered in Poland, given that BitBay has moved their headquarters from Poland to Malta.

In terms of liquidity, BitBay clearly dominates the market, as they have by far the largest volume for both BTC/PLN and ETH/PLN. However, EXMO and BitMarket still remain valid options.

As of the time of writing, the Coinfloor złoty market suffers from low liquidity and is probably not the best option for investors. 

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Our crypto-złoty pick for new investors: BitBay
Our crypto-złoty pick for traders: BitBay