New Feature: Volume Chart Data Implementation

New Feature: Volume Chart Data Implementation

In this short update, we are happy to let our users know we have implemented live volume chart data in our detailed exchange pages, as can be seen on the picture above.

The chart on the left gives users a quick, visual representation of the size of any exchange relative to the total exchange market.

The value (in percentage) is derived by dividing the 24hr volume of the exchange by the sum of the 24hr volumes of all exchanges.

For example, for Bithumb, we can see that the exchange represents 16.95 % of the total 24hr volume at the time of writing.

In addition to the current exchange, we also show the current top three in terms of 24hr volume on the chart.

The chart on the right shows the distribution of the trading pair volume for that particular exchange.

Again, for Bithumb, we can see that the top three pairs currently are: XMR/KRW, BTC/KRW and ETC/KRW respectively.

Lastly, we also cleaned up the properties of each exchange and sorted them in a clear table.

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