Introducing the Exchangify Blog: What to Expect?

Introducing the Exchangify Blog

Welcome to our brand new Exchangify Blog.

In this post we will be giving you a general outline of the sort of content that you can expect from us on here.

First we kick-off with a general description of what Exchangify does, why it’s useful, and who we’re aiming to help. We also explain the purpose of the blog and how it will add value to the main website.

Second, we elaborate about the various subjects this blog will address and the way it will be structured. We finish with a brief summary and our plans for the future.

What is Exchangify and why should I care?

Exchangify is an advanced cryptocurrency exchange comparator aimed at traders or investors with the intent to allow them to easily find an exchange that meets their requirements.

The basic premises of the website is that we convert these requirements into filters, which in turn allows users to quickly obtain a list of cryptocurrency exchanges that meet said requirements.

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Take for example an individual that has been very recently introduced to cryptocurrencies and wants to invest; they’ll do a quick Google search and some random exchange will pop-up, likely one specifically tailored to their country– but is that exchange really preferable?

I myself have personally wasted a significant amount of money on trading fees, simply because I picked the wrong exchange and stuck with it. This is where Exchangify comes in: simply adjust the filters to your liking, sort by trading fees and perhaps volume and the most suitable exchange will show up.

Another example is that of the more seasoned, experienced trader from the United States. This person is less risk-averse than the average investor and is looking for exchanges that support margin trading.

Currently he’s using a particular exchange from the United States, but due to issues with the trading engine and the declining margin liquidity, he’s looking for an alternative.

However, there is a problem. Most well-known exchanges that support margin trading have barred U.S. citizens from using their services (think Bitfinex or OKEX).

Again, we can help, simply select United States from the dropdown and tick-off the margin trading filter and a list will pop-up.

You’d be surprised at how many exchanges support leveraged trading and are open to U.S. citizens, but just don’t have the brand awareness as a Bitfinex or Kraken does.

Find exchanges that support margin trading through Exchangify

Exchangify lets you find exchanges that support margin trading and serve users from the United States.

That isn’t all though, we also collect data regarding the price and volume of over 15000 cryptocurrency pairs.

Users can use that data to find the lowest (or highest) rate for a given cryptocurrency pair. This can be useful for investors to execute a “buy low, sell high” strategy or for identifying arbitrage opportunities.

So that’s a brief summary of what we do. Right now we have over 100 exchanges listed, with new exchanges being listed on a weekly basis.

Why the blog?

For the readers who already had a look at our main website, you can tell it’s mostly focused around aggregating data rather than written content.

This blog servers as an extension of the main website, where we take some time to dig deeper into certain aspects of the exchanges we add. Think for example reviews on the UI, reports with regards to verification times and more.

On occasion we will also explore related subjects such as blockchain, finance and trading. Lastly, the blog will be used as a way of announcing new or upcoming features, as well as new exchange listings.

Plans for the future

Our goal is to become the go-to point for traders and investors with regards to cryptocurrency exchange data.

This means that we will be actively adding exchanges and filters to meet the requirements of our users.

In addition, we will also investigate how we can integrate exchanges that focus on derivative products in our comparator, while simultaneously providing high quality data with regards to the typical aspects of futures and/or swaps (e.g. futures expiry dates).

We hope you enjoyed this read and stay tuned for more. Feel free to leave a comment below or join our Discord for a quick chat with the developers.

Exchangify is a cryptocurrency comparator for traders and investors

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